Moorish style garden, courtyard

Garden design in the Moorish style. How best to do a photo and description

Garden design in the Moorish style. How best to do a photo and description

Using special design techniques, you can create a Moorish style garden or courtyard, delighting yourself interesting twist.

It will be replaced in a few rows of fountains, which create a spectacular image of the rays of sunlight. Decorative elements are the fountains of vines, which are planted in the niches of the stone in its upper part. Originally dropping their leaves to the bottom of such vines like morning glory, kobzeya climbs create a certain piquancy. The number of fountains can be different, since one large center, and ending with a few small paths along or around the gazebo. Particularly charming composition will look like if the fountains will be in one color with colored trees, such as acacia gum or purple hazel sheeted. Paths are made with pebbles and a small amount of granite chips mixed with cement mortar. If you plan to rocky garden, then as its logical conclusion use of edging stones or pebbles around the fountain lay large.

The garden in the style of Cordoba and Seville have a patio with taut top. In the classic version of the Moorish courtyards have a polyhedron shape. Inside, wrought iron grilles adorned with curtains of translucent fabrics. An alternative to this may well be the yard gazebo constructed of structural supports, simulating tent. Around the gazebo or patio, you need to drop the curtain or semi-circular ridges.

By creating a garden in the Moorish style, use bright colors, even in excess of phyto fragments. Additional image of this garden decorative bow dzhusay, with bright carnation in the form of eight, put doronicum east, a few bushes Dicentra.

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