Consider the tree stem Saguaro cactus, native to South America, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Altogether there are at least 50 species. It became known to Europeans, these types of cacti. The name “cereus” in Latin set – “wax”, the name associated with the elongated shape of the stem, like a candle. Cereus growing strongly, as they have a strong root system.

Care and transplanting cereus cactus at home, photo

Care and transplanting cereus cactus at home, photo

One more popular types – cereus Peruvian. This cactus has stems in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 10 cm, and may reach up to 3 m high. Basically, it blooms at night. The most common cereus with 6-8 large fins gray-green color. The spines on it quite prickly red-brown color. At the plant bloom malodorous large, white flowers up to 15 cm.

Also you can find in nature, “the rocky cactus” – cereus Peruvian “ugly”. This name was a cactus because of the unusual, ugly bluish color. In nature it is more than 400 years. In areas this plant is not growing.

For what would be the cactus grew well in the period of its growth, it regularly watered. It is also useful for the growth of its sprayed. In winter, the plant is not watered at all. Once a week, it can be carefully watered, if it is to be in a warm place. Fertilize cactus rare – flower fertilizers.

For saguaro need enough sunlight, so in the summer it is best to make fresh air. In cold weather, keep it indoors at a temperature of not more than 10-16 ° C.

For reproduction saguaro cactus using seeds that are dried thoroughly in advance.

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