Brick BBQ Smokehouse with your own hands

Photos brick barbecues with smokehouse. The design, how to do

Photos brick barbecues with smokehouse. The design, how to do

Smokehouse BBQ built of brick or metal, or to combine these two materials.

The chimney must be closed tightly on top of a door or use the overlay sheet. If you see that the cap stick is not tight, around the enclosure, apply clay. To create the required smoke apply birch firewood, alder sawdust or deciduous trees, but before that, remove them from the bark. Small logs lay across in the design, they need to fill all space. Close the door of the chamber and beneath turn electric heater. After a short period of time the wood will smolder and smoke will go, he will go into the chimney. If you put the camera dry wood / sawdust heater on all the time should not be, the logs will smolder slowly.

Always located near the smoker is not necessary and that much important, will save firewood. If the smoke generator has dimensions 600x500x400 mm embedded in the camera dry wood of alder should last for 4-5 hours. This amount would be sufficient to smoked bacon, and this in turn will take 5-6 hours. To spend cold smoking, the smoke chamber must be a distance of 2-2.5 m.

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