Signs of dry spot

Dry spotting signs, description and a photo

Dry spotting signs, description and a photo

Brown spot, macrosporiosis, early dry spot – these are different names dry spot. A common and rather insidious disease of tomatoes. Tomato can catch it at any stage of growth. Very noticeable contamination of the bushes in the early stages of the disease in the formation of fruit. On infected sheets appear spot 5-7 mm brown color, this figure can reach 10-15 mm in due course. Spots have an oval shape with a velvety touch of black. Infection dry spotting covers not only the leaves but also the stems.

The cases stem infection it manifested in the form of tuber formation of elongated shape under the guise of the depressed spots. If the weather is damp and wet, then they will appear gray-black patina. Tomato affects the disease in the tail area, there are visible patches of dark brown color also changes color of tomato in the infected area, the skin in this place becomes darker. Fruits dry spotting ill ripen faster than others, their weight is less than healthy. Infecting the fetus during maturation virus infects tomato seeds, thus they are not suitable for further planting.

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