Ciscaucasian hamster, a description of the type

Hamsters breed description Ciscaucasian, photo type, characteristic

Hamsters breed description Ciscaucasian, photo type, characteristic

Ciscaucasian hamster – a special kind of hamsters, which are famous for its thick, warm fur. Color uneven. The back is covered with dark gray hair on white tints. Bleaching hair, around the neck, forming a scarf, abdominal part, breast dark. The animal has an elongated muzzle, pink nose, big round eyes saturated black. Paws, white mustache.

Habitat ciscaucasian hamster spreads on two continents. Most of them is charged in the Caucasus. Hamster prefers not forests, bushes, primeval forests, and mountain areas.

Caring for this breed hamsters will not give you labor.

Before buying a pet, prepare the place where the pet will live. The bottom of the cage paved with wood shavings, hay. Next set drinkers, feeders. Although hamsters get a sufficient amount of moisture will, be sure to put water. After the animal in captivity have no such opportunities. Decorative mouse perfectly coexist not only with the household and with other animals. The nature of their cheerful, kind, non-aggressive animal. Perfect comes in contact with people.

Cleaning the house should be performed every two days. Otherwise you torment pungent smell. can feed the pet’s regular feed for rodents, occasionally giving hamster vegetables, herbs, nuts.

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