Birch mouse, breed

Birch mouse steppe, forest, dark. The description and photo

Birch mouse steppe, forest, dark. The description and photo

Birch mouse – detachment Myshovkovyh family of rodents. Habitat of animals of this species growing on several continents. Birch mouse can be found in the forest area with a temperate continental climate. On the life of animals little known because they rarely appear to people. Scientists suggest that the birch mice live in strange burrows, thickets, tree trunks, old stumps. Externally, the rodents resemble mice. Build sizes are similar. When viewed from above, it resembles a small mammal drop. It has a very long tail, almost without hair, small ears, eyes. The nose slightly elongated shape. Color fur is different. A distinctive feature is the black stripe on the back. Antennae all myshovok black. The animal has small legs with long fingers. Claws natural color.

Nimble rodents differ unusual behavior. Seeing the people, they do not run away, but continue to watch. Birch mouse, you can easily pick up. She did not run away, do not bite. Animal totally non-aggressive, quiet, friendly. If you decide it something to treat, cute animal gladly accepts treats. In other words, it behaves no worse than tame hamster.

In winter, the animals do not come out of the hole. Perhaps they hibernate.

The breeding season lasts for only a few months. Giving offspring rodents can in the summer.

Caring for the birch mouse does not require large expenditures. They can live in a terrarium (even without the lid). The bottom of the recommended paved with moss, put a few snags. You must be present drinkers, feeders. They eat ordinary food for rodents, grain. Favorite treats is milk. The water change every day. Cleaning a terrarium, it is desirable to carry out every three or four days. Moss slightly moisten with water drops. An animal in need of the protein. Therefore let him periodically grasshoppers, worms, egg (boiled). Birch mouse does not stink, like hamsters, rats, miniature mouse, guinea pigs.

Birch mouse – a unique animal. It is bright, cheerful, non-aggressive. Caring for the rodents of this type requires minimal cost.

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