Jumping spider

Jumping spider, characterization, description and a photo

Jumping spider, characterization, description and a photo

Jumping spider – type of spiders that do not spin webs. The food is produced due to the high jump, which allowed to make long legs. This is a fairly common insect lives in almost every country, but most of all the guise of “horses” are found in the tropics. Scientists there are more than four thousand subspecies of jumping spiders. They are small in size. the male body is not more than two centimeters. Females are slightly larger. Body colour uneven. On top of the body is covered with glossy black shell with blue stripes. In the folds of the tabs there are small tufts of black hair. The ventral part is black. There are other colors: mottled brown, dirty-yellow, gray with white spots. The head resembles a flying saucer. Around the round forehead small eyes are located. There are quite a funny kind of jumping spiders. His head resembles a human near. Subspecies are similar to each other. Almost all resemble alien creatures. Three pairs of eyes are spiders to accurately measure the distance to the victim. Unusual ability helps them to quickly, accurately weigh down on the victim.

Special Activity Tropical “horses” is observed in the daytime. When sunlight they hunt, build housing. All the free time of the breed insects spend the hunt. On certain days, before mating, females use their web, to weave a nest. Expectant mothers care for their offspring, so the bags with eggs hiding under rocks, in the bark of a tree. Where they will not be disturbed.

Jumping spiders – heat-loving creatures. They often climb to the height to the back of the warm sunlight. I wonder what unusual insects quickly trained. Spiders do not attack people. Instead, try to make friends by taking food into human hands. It is better not to risk it. Going hands them with foreign objects.

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