Degu sonevidny

Degu sonevidny, content, feature, description and a photo

Degu sonevidny, content, feature, description and a photo

Mountain Degu – breed Vosmizubyh family of rodents. Small animal sizes. The body length is not more than thirteen centimeters. A distinctive feature of the breed of the animal is a long tail, covered with thick fur. At the tip of the tail degus have a fluffy brush. Rodents have huge ears rounded shape. Sinks bright black (without hair). Taurus is covered with a gray fur with black hairs on the back. Paws small. Feet pink color, without hair. Eyes Mountain Degu big, black. Near the nozzle positioned long antennae, which helps them orient themselves in space.

Under natural conditions, produce offspring, young couples can throughout the whole winter. In captivity, no seasonal restrictions. At the age of seven months degus become sexually mature. Callout kids lasts three months. Over time the light may appear about five cubs. The first time they are powerless, have difficulty seeing, barely moving. Just recently, the kids grow up, covered by fur. The little degus become completely independent of age and a half months. The animals are active at night

Recently, degus are very popular. It contains their home cages. The bottom is littered with wood chips, paper torn. The best option is considered to be the hay. The cage must be strong, because rodents have sharp teeth. Often, they gnaw through the walls of their own houses. Be sure to buy drinkers, feeders. Feed the pet can ordinary food for rodents. Periodically give him fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. The water in drinkers are changed daily. It is advisable to drink water defended. Cleaning in the cell is held every four days. degus Wool has a sharp smell, like hamsters, chinchillas. It is recommended to put in a cage different ropes, ladders game. Be sure to put a small stable container with water. It will swim rodents. Construct a house (jack), if it contains a couple. Animal shy, so at first it will be difficult to find a common language. From the first day to take care to the small animal, talk to him, caress. Over time, you can even get your hands on. If you decide to release the animal to walk, lure him out goodies cells. In the same way to return it to the house. Later, the animal will feel that you are not dangerous for his life. A month later, the pet will feel comfortable. You can even feed the pet with it. Remember: if you get a few animals, affection for a man to be weak. Since the company’s “own” animals do not want to communicate with people.

During pregnancy, the female is constantly disturbed. She is not sitting still: be left to stand too long socket, seeking additional food, reworks bed. After birth, the couple gives all his strength to the younger offspring.

Remember that degus can not stand alone. If you bought one rodent devote all his time to it. Otherwise, loneliness can have a negative effect on your pet’s health.

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