Pearl, description

Description gerbils pearls, characteristic, content and photos

Description gerbils pearls, characteristic, content and photos

Chickweed Pearl – a breed of rodents white color with gray-black tints. Wool should resemble pearls. Gerbil Fur is smooth, soft. Ears, tail pubescent. The animal has great legs, like rats, small black eyes, long white mustache. The ventral part is white, with no shades of others, marigolds light chestnut.

They feed on rodents, this breed plant foods: a variety of herbs, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries. You can also feed the gerbils Pearl special food for rodents.

Pets are active, aggressive. Not very fond of the company of people, but get used to over time. The animals can get along well with other pets. Since the activity of the animals, it is necessary to move a lot. If the cell size does not allow small animal to move freely, buy him a swing to gerbil was what to do with energy. You can also let a rodent like the apartment, but you have to make sure that the small mammal is not hidden somewhere in fright.

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