Nutmeg, description

Description gerbils breed nutmeg, characteristics, content and photos

Description gerbils breed nutmeg, characteristics, content and photos

Gerbil Nutmeg got its name because of its fun colors. They live animals in the sandy valleys, deserts, near the cliffs, coast. The body is covered with a thick, soft fur dirty sand color. Abdomen, breast animal snow-white. Rodents have an elongated muzzle, black nose, hairy ears, rather short tail light with transparent limb claws. The size of the rodents a little more than a mouse.

Nutrition and Care:

Gerbils eat vegetable food: grains, seeds, herbs, vegetables, fruits. You can use food for rodents.

The animals in the wild live in groups, so do not buy a gerbil. Buy a couple. Otherwise, the animal will die of loneliness. cells are cleaned every three or four days. Though small animals, but the energy they have quite a lot. Take care of that, so that your pet has not been boring. Let him walk around the apartment. But be careful not to pet hid out of the reach of people place. If you live in an apartment cat, dog – keep a small animal with eyes as he walks. When your pet is in a cage, he’s safe.

Animal quietly gets on with other pets. Quickly find common language with people. Babies chickweed is ready to become a good friend. The animals are calm, balanced, non-corrosive. They require a minimum of effort, time.

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