Oak, the beneficial properties of acorns, bark

Oak leaves, treats and helps with any disease

Oak leaves, treats and helps with any disease

Oak acorns often prescribe atrophic, scrofulous, rachitic children, as well as against chlorosis, irregular menstruation blood, chronic diarrhea, intermittent fever, and so-called nervousness.

Oak acorns are used only in a hot state, instead of ordinary coffee. But the big tricks or prolonged use is harmful.

Oak peel powder and decoction is given instead of quinine in intermittent fever.

Water decoction of crusts used successfully in diseases originating from the bodies of weakness, particularly in uterine bleeding.

The oak bark powder is given from 20-30 g .; decoction to rely one ounce of powdered bark of a pound of water or red wine – to use it on a tablespoon.

Worn in the powder cup are acorns instead of quinine; they also useful to use against the long-term bloody diarrhea.

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