Hamburg chickens

Photos, breed description for home breeding characteristics

Photos, breed description for home breeding characteristics

The name of the breed is devoted to the port of Hamburg, and have been exported from the representatives of the Hamburg breed chickens. But the birds were first imported to England from Dutch specialist poultry farms, to the amount of time they are also called Dutch hens.

Breeding varieties produced by crossing lakshirskih moon, pheasant, Yorkshire and the Spanish black birds. In the first half of the 17th century (around 1740) is one of the British scientists – Albin made the first study of the breed. For their genetic lines of birds belong to the egg line and used as decorative.

The average number of eggs – 140-180 eggs. Weight of eggs – about 45-55 grams a clear white painted shell. Live weight of mature chicken is about 1.5-2.1 kg, cockerel – 2.2-2.5 kg.

Externally, the representatives of this breed have a small, but at the same time strong and muscular torso, the chest is broad, deep, straight strong back part, graceful elongated neck, rather short powerful legs and shins. The head is medium in size, bright white earlobes, big enough to comb one explicit clove, which seemed to continue the line of the upper ridge frames and at the same time is far from the cervical region. Originality is celebrated beak and toes, in Hamburg birds are bluish hues. Through such conformation according to representatives they look very elegant, have a proud bearing, in their case handed over all the elegance of lines that complement their plumage. The colors of the pen is truly impressive. Among them are silver, ashen with spots, striped (with golden or silver color lines). And are often found: silvery with small specks and black with green tints framed pen. In birds breed on the Hamburg mane clear-white feathers, but the male part is a little different by the presence of black bars, or sometimes one large strip, center loin. Because of its external characteristics, such birds is quite slim, and that was the cause of their excessive activity.

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