Araucana Chickens

Photos, description, chickens breed characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description, chickens breed characteristic for home breeding

Breed Araucana chickens is very interesting, not only through its exterior signs, but also a kind of distinctive antiquity. It is believed that the Araucana was bred in the southern part of America, and is named in honor of one of their steepest Indian tribes. For the first time about the species mentioned at the beginning of the 15th century (about 1526).

Breed Araucana eggs are very different characteristics, they are, this is its main feature, due to which they have become very well known and popular. Relations have chicken egg blue or green shells, besides it is the predominance of the dominant, ie, it confirms stable egg productivity. The average number of eggs – about 180 eggs (weight of about 50 grams), with an emphasis on the fact that the bird is almost inclined to incubating. Meat profit from Araucana small, because bird egg or a decorative pattern. Live weight of mature chicken – 1.4-1.6 kg, cock – 1.8-2 kg. Later, in the second half of the 19th century (1975), American scientists have deduced another proportionally smaller form Araucanian breed later (about 1984) in the US dwarf breed was approved as a standard.

Externally breed looks quite exotic. On the head and the area of ​​the ears grow small tufts of feathers, they do not grow smooth and flexible. Sometimes you can find copies of the cash bundles feather and beard, and sometimes – no beams feathers, but in the presence of a beard and sideburns. Small sturdy legs four fingers h. There are several subgroups of the breed, which is also different and external qualities. For example, the selection of the German breed is completely absent coccyx and tail, and American and British breeding breed has a small tail. The colors of the plumage are quite diverse: black, red, black, gold, white, bright yellows pen.

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