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Photo, horse breed description Gunter, characteristic for home breeding

Photo, horse breed description Gunter, characteristic for home breeding

Work on the light of the breed of riding horses hunter was using reproductive crossing Thoroughbred stallion and mare Harness, which often has severe characteristics. Despite the excellent quality of the horses, as an independent kind of hunter is not considered. It’s all about the original purpose of removal, and they were limited to a user destination, but, for further breeding horses not inspected independent breed. Such people are the product of a rather common in Great Britain and Ireland in the areas where pets are bred for designated purposes as helpers in the hunting business, where needed certain types of the horses. Horses for horse-hunting must be very hardy, able to overcome and resist all sorts of natural and artificial obstacles. Today Gunther popular high sporty performance, except representation of the type of entertainment, pets also willingly take on various contests, triathlon, steeple-chezy. This area has good horses results in the hunting process, but it also depends on the area in which hunting takes place.

Gunter differ massive relief and constitution, the feature line is their pure blood, such horses are elite, suitable for galloping and jumping in areas with grassy expanses of English valleys. But for areas with cultivated fields, and in addition, where there is all sorts of field traps in the form of hills, little horse is not suitable, because there are more important other qualities, both caution and endurance, not speed and agility. Despite this, the cons developers hardly notice. Especially important for these pets appearance, because it is thanks to the exterior horses withstand all that is required of them.

In addition to the described processes, subordinate to the direction provided by the horses, they can also be used for well-designed and comfortable rider. To do this, the pet must have some qualities as turning energetic, fearless and daring, besides the horse must demonstrate excellent manners and resist control by the owner. Another category of necessary qualities is to maintain the limited speed, it does not overtake, and, at the same time, to keep up with dogs, keep stable and hardy throughout the day of physical stress and in times of abundant hunting, just one week can be two such visits. Furthermore, appreciated jumping thoroughbreds that have to comply with the terms of the hunting process.

On the territory of Ireland, hunter horses produced by means of reproductive crossing Thoroughbred stallions and mares Irish harness, but the British breeders have several other methods of removing representatives of hunter, for this they use the blood of ponies that inhabit the local areas and Thoroughbred stallions. It is in this way made the best horse hunter in Great Britain. Another British breeders set up a special book in which are written all the stallions and mares that have been used to create a submission horses – Gunther.

To date, no particular limitation in the growth and development of the pupils, but some divisions still exist. Britain and Ireland share the animals in some areas that are characterized by a weight category of cargo that can raise Gunter. Thus, the divided three categories of thoroughbred horses: mild, moderate and severe. Light features the ability to carry loads in areas 80 kg, medium pets are around 80-90 kg, and heavy line has the ability to move more than 90 kg weight. Other estimates, which occur on pets depend on the characteristics of the exterior, energetic movements, behavior under saddle, as well as demonstrative actions mannered. All specifications are for representatives who by a large measure suitable for men, but there are also so the title of female Gunter. This, of course, only the name, because it is often used as pets such youth. They put on a side saddle, and the rider can become individual with an increase from 140 to 160 cm. For those members of the hunter, whose existence is more practical, set up special obstacles that pets should ideally be overcome for further development in the best pens. It is known that the distance is difficult enough, on it there are more than aesthetic obstacles. But if the horse will be able to easily pass these difficulties, breeders do not doubt whether to engage in hunter further.

At the moment, the horse owned by unsurpassed quality sports stallions, they are taken to participate in various competitions, is used as Chastikov triathlon and steeplechase.

The owners represented by the direction of speak about pupils as an energetic, swift, high-endurance pets.

Exterior Features are not exactly the same, the thing is, stallions bred absolutely different ways, so the appearance that they are characterized by constantly varies. Some representatives are ordinary half-breeds, which were originally designed for hunting. Yes, and as a separate breed, with the title of independence, is not a hunter. A high percentage of pupils have relief constitution strong and great back. Horses moderately high, they are long and powerful limbs. Previous methods of removing this line have been described, it all depends on the specific climate and terrain conditions, which will live pets. The direction differs by three divisions, which include heavy, medium and light horse, which directly indicates the type physique. Initially objectives pet product was hunting, but, as it turned out, they can also be used as a sports stallions. They have excellent saltatorial qualities and confident stride at the gallop very briskly and boldly, and may adhere to the endurance of long range. Some say that the hunter thoroughbred stallions, but this is not always justified, since it is often involved in the process of removing only a cross between purebred representatives, that there are many pets only half. If you use these horses for hunting with dogs, they perfectly fulfill their role, and the process can be carried out both in summer and winter, because at any time, Gunter will support your desire submitting hunting.

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