Causes of potato cancer control measures

Pathogens potato cancer treatment methods, description and a photo

Pathogens potato cancer treatment methods, description and a photo

In the fight against cancer to grow the main potato varieties resistant to the disease and are not allowed to spread it further. Purebred planting such species is able to completely rid the land of the fungus for 5-6 years. It is necessary to remove the potato varieties susceptible to cancer. By rakoustoychivym kinds of potatoes are Belarusian, Priskulsky, Early yellow, Borodyansky, Spark, Falen these species belong to the early varieties with a high percentage of the crop. Mid-early – Detskoselskiy, Zorka, Lviv White, Tasty. Mid-ripe – Ogonek, Baranowski, Gatchina, Table 19.

Mid-late – Vilia, Loshitsa, Sulev. Late-ripe – candidate Pavlinka, Tempe. Specialists neighbor of the economy, you can find out which varieties of potatoes have rakoustoychivoy in your area and where to buy them. Clean soil from the stimulus disease capable and mineral supplements and compost manure. Contact the organization for the protection of plants with a petition to disinfect your tubers and for this to take appropriate measures. Experts amenable to such special treatment potato mixture fundazol 1% or 0.5% solution beylenta. After enduring the tubers about half an hour in this mixture to completely get rid of their cancer. And thus treated potatoes will have a better yield and makes potatoes less susceptible to other diseases.

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