A pick tomato seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoes after picking, photo

Seedlings of tomatoes after picking, photo

There are already a lot written about the various intricacies of picking tomatoes, because after the plants become stronger. It is believed that swordplay seedlings protect tomatoes from pulling and helps to get an early harvest.

In late February and early March, you can safely proceed to the crops of tomatoes, provided that this has a heated greenhouse, or a veranda with plenty of sunshine and that much important, a lot of free time to care for seedlings. Do not forget about the temperature change of day and night, room ventilation and a constant, regular watering with room temperature water, and of course – the timely feeding.

If all these conditions are not scared, then safely start to transplant seedlings of tomatoes. As soon as out of the ground seem the first shoots, you must remove the thin, pale-colored crops. After a month, the seedlings will sprout three, four leaf, which means it’s time to transplant tomatoes. In just a few hours before, pour the water plants, not less than 20 degrees, pick up cups 8×8 cm., Add them to the ground and abundantly pour potassium permanganate. Then with the help of a narrow wand carefully take out the seedling, we try not to damage the roots. If the roots of seedlings of the same size and have a ball shape, they do not pinch. If the plant was not very warm, and one root went far ahead, it is necessary to instill a centimeter and a half.

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