Caring for potatoes in the open field

Tips on caring potatoes in the open field, watering, fertilizing, description and a photo

Tips on caring potatoes in the open field, watering, fertilizing, description and a photo

Potatoes – the king of vegetables. Without this, the product can not do any holiday table. Recently potato yield decreased several times. On the reduction of productivity of vegetable affect the weather, climate, soil, and other environmental factors. To get a good harvest, you need to constantly carry out different activities: loosening the soil, destruction of weeds, insects that devour the leaves, stems, tubers of potato. In this article we will acquaint you with the basic rules of care for this plant.

Twenty days after planting potatoes in the open ground, you can observe the appearance of the first sprouts. This indicates that it is time to begin to care for the plant. You should start from the removal of weeds, which prevents germs to grow young. In addition to cleansing the soil, loosen the soil need special machines. If you put the potatoes in a large area, use herbicides to control weeds. So save time, effort.

If potatoes are not planted much, loose soil, cleared of harmful plants by hand. For the first time, perform this procedure one week after planting. Use the farm implements. When watering needs. After each watering is desirable to slightly prokultivirovat the ground to prevent the passage of oxygen to the roots.

Perform this procedure after the rains.

If you decide to plant a vegetable in March, need to be concerned about greenhouse conditions (cover with plastic bags, film). Otherwise, the plant will suffer from colds. Another way to stay warm culture is vystilanija soil with straw, wood shavings.

The size of the potatoes themselves depends on the saturation of root water. With regular watering yields increase. Only use warm water, not to supercool the plant. It should be borne in mind that this procedure is carried out if the soil retain moisture really. If the earth periodically moistened by rain watering, additional activities do not need to spend.

Also, to increase the productivity of a given culture can regular soil fertilizer. Conduct dressing preferably before the appearance of buds. Use of potassium, urea phosphate fertilizers obtained by decomposing natural phosphate, in a ratio of 1: 2: 3. After each feeding slightly prokultiviruyte soil without damaging the tubers. The next (last) time fertilize the soil two weeks after the first feeding.

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