The midday gerbil, a description of

Description midday gerbils, feature content and photos

Description midday gerbils, feature content and photos

The midday gerbil – a small rodent that looks like a mouse. The main distinguishing feature – the large black eyes, like pearls. Habitat gerbil is growing on all continents except Antarctica. Small animal prefers desert, rocky areas, valleys.

The most active of the breed rodents at night, in the morning. In the absence of heat, sand eel resting in the afternoon. Animals live in groups, so often are fighting for the selected area. The loser goes round, and the winner gets an apartment.

They feed on seeds gerbils, gazelles, fruits, vegetables, various herbs. Rodents have a habit to store food for the winter. Fold seeds, nuts in the vault, where the food will awaken until spring.

Scientists have proved that the sand eel in captivity can live for six years, and in the natural environment – just two years.

Animal activity (especially females), can sometimes attack. Another thing the males: they are calm, non-aggressive.

However, these cute animals are difficult to tolerate the company of people. Especially avoid the company of female during pregnancy. Therefore, keeping the midday gerbils in captivity, do not forget about these important rules.

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