Methods for grafting trees, tips

Methods for grafting trees, the timing of vaccinations, description and a photo

Methods for grafting trees, the timing of vaccinations, description and a photo

You’ve already read about the pros, cons of tree grafting. In this article we will talk about all the possible ways this procedure. Their are several.

The first way – the vaccination of young, to take root, a sprig of the unprotected soil. This option is the most affordable, effective. Unfortunately, this method does not fit all. If gathered impart decorative trees, immediately scroll down. This does not suit you. For other tree species plays an important role climate. inoculate plants is not recommended in cold areas, because a strong likelihood that they will not take root.

The second way – kopulirovanie (splicing cuttings, grafting extra). This option is more suitable apples, pears, other species of trees that grow slowly. In this method, the kidneys, which have sprouted, the usual procedure is not carried out. If the grafted tree – birch, then every five days, it is necessary to vaccinate the stalk. With maple work easier. After the procedure, a cutting grafted.

The third way – hand-grafting. This procedure is carried out with pre-excavated cuttings, it is desirable to do so not on the street. Ornamental trees that option is more suitable than the previous ones. Instilling conducted on cuttings that have not had time to take root. Then the resulting trees planted in containers, is sent to the greenhouse. A time to land plants conceived on site.

On way to understand vaccination. Now for the timing of these activities.

Spend grafting in late winter early summer. Mask graft putty special place for the garden. Then take them to the cold. Make sure that the plants do not promёrzli. The temperature should not be less than seven degrees. You can also cover the branches with plastic bags.