Lilac, a description of

Description Lilac gerbil, characteristics, content and photos

Description Lilac gerbil, characteristics, content and photos

Lilac – view gerbils living in Eurasia and Africa. In view of this small gray animal, similar to a mouse. Colour ash white tint. The animal does not have a long bushy tail, small, slightly hairy ears, elongated muzzle, pink nose. Eyes gerbils resemble black pearls.
Features of behavior:

Gerbils – is active animals. In the wild, they lead an active lifestyle early in the morning, after sunset. In captivity, the rodents also mobile in the afternoon. Lilac get along with animals quickly get used to people.

Caring for Lilac gerbil:

Like any creation, rodents need a spacious cage, where they will run. It is better to buy them a wheel and other toys. Tidy up the cage preferably every three days. These animals do not smell, so do not deliver you hassle.


In the wild, rodents eat seeds, vegetables, some fruits, herbs and grains. But you can do the usual food for rodents. It contains everything you need animals. Gerbils rarely drink water. In most cases, they cost the juices of herbs, fruits and vegetables. But you can put in a small cell trough. Then, your pet will not need anything.

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