Siam, a description of

Gerbils siam, characteristics, content, description and a photo

Gerbils siam, characteristics, content, description and a photo

Gerbil Siam – view Myshih family of rodents. Habitat these rodents spreads on two continents – Africa, Eurasia. Give preference gerbil valleys, cliffs, deserts.

Coat color Siam clean beige. Ears animal pubescent, dark, long tail, gray-brown, nose, and legs are dark gray. Claws, whiskers and dark. Siam Eyes like black pearls, surrounded by little white cilia.

Eating rodents varied: from the grass, ending fruit. Animals are very fond of carrots, corn.

Gerbil Siam non-aggressive, mobile. She always want to run, climb. It is better to stock up various carousels for your pet.
Gerbils do not smell like hamsters, so they can clean up once every three days, and clean the cage – once a month.

Siamese friendly, easy to get used to new places. Rodents can get along with animals such as budgies, lovebirds, hummingbirds and other small birds. Large animals are dangerous pet, but if a gerbil in a cage, it is safe.

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