The Mongolian gerbil, a description of

The content of Mongolian gerbils at home, characterization, description and a photo

The content of Mongolian gerbils at home, characterization, description and a photo

The Mongolian gerbil – a small animal, like a rat. Rodents are found on almost every continent, except Antarctica. Expressed a preference for sandy valleys, rocks. The body length is less than twenty centimeters. Fur is short, smooth, tail, ears slightly pubescent.

Color gerbils can be anything: from gray to dark brown.

The nature of the animal depends on the age, sex animal. For example, a male gerbil nonaggressive, quiet. Girls – on the contrary active and sometimes aggressive. The life expectancy of this breed rodents depend on external factors. In captivity they live up to six years in the wild life expectancy is reduced twice. Most gerbils are active during the day. They try to avoid the summer heat, so they are active before dawn, after sunset.

Meals are quite diverse: seeds, cereals, various herbs, vegetables, fruits. Gerbils almost never drink water. They replace its juices, which are derived from fruits, vegetables, herbs. Can do stocks for the winter.

Living creatures are not alone, and the herd (or rather families). On the brow of the family is always a man. The group even included a female, a few cubs. Their homes are labeled odor that other animals there is not settled. Families often can not share a house. In such cases, gerbils start fighting. Who will win – that house. Rarely gerbils fight to the death. Most of the families running away. Since rodents live in groups, keep a gerbil home is not recommended. These creatures can not cope with loneliness. From the constant anguish can get sick, die. Keep the animals in the cage for the rodent with special filler. The filler may be sand, but it should be small.

Since females are active, you need to constantly make sure that the pet does not fall in height, currently broken limbs.

The distinguishing feature from other gerbils rodents is the lack of odor. They are so inconspicuous that they need to clean the house once a week.

The animals curious, active, kind. The animal is worth your attention, because it requires the least power, and gives the most positive emotions.

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