Breeding strawberries, tips

Methods for breeding strawberry, description and a photo

Methods for breeding strawberry, description and a photo

Everyone knows that strawberries multiplies mustache. In addition, it planted the seed, seedling method. This article will acquaint you with all the nuances of strawberry planting.

The first way – planting seeds. These options are the fastest. Usually this plant when they want to experiment with varieties (to try new types of strawberries).

There is one drawback – the assembly of seeds. It can be carried out when the berries are fully ripe.

The top of berries cut, rubbed through a sieve residue strawberries dried. After some time, you have the seeds ready. Before planting, they should be further processed: Soak seeds in rain water for two or three days.

The second method – division bushes plants. This method is good to use if you want to increase the area planted strawberries. Share bushes can be four years after planting.

A third method of breeding of strawberries – reproduction tendrils berries. This method is most convenient, cheap. How it works:

Antennae with sprouted roots, planted in the ground. With important not to delay the procedure, because the mustache will not grow all the time. Do not cut off from the bush more than three antennae. So not only will increase the yield of strawberries, but do not give the plants die. Give seedlings grow stronger in peat containers. Then transplanted into open ground.