Methods for planting potatoes, tips

Methods for potato planting, planting dates, treatment before planting, description and a photo

Methods for potato planting, planting dates, treatment before planting, description and a photo

Planting potatoes in two ways:
1. seeds;
2. tubers.

Although which way you choose, it is necessary to take care of the prosperous growth of this culture. On this depends not only the productivity of the vegetable crop quality (absence of disease) it is also of great importance.

Influential factors in the major potato planting is:
1. ground;
2. climatic conditions;
3. soil moisture

In March, before planting potatoes, fertilize the soil, then prokultiviruyte. As a fertilizer, use a mixture of manure, phosphate, potash. Unfortunately, the dressing will not give the expected result if the soil is too heavy. Harvest will poor potatoes – curves. It is recommended to plant the crop on light, sandy soils. Also, such land will skip moisture, oxygen to the Tuber. After the first shoots need to do tilling the soil, destruction of weeds. Periodically watering dry soil, two days after moistening slightly prokultiviruyte the top layer of soil. This contributes to gas exchange, which is required of young plants. It is not advisable to soil moisture levels higher than normal, because it provokes a fungal disease that will destroy the potatoes.

Do not forget predecessors. Good potato predmestnikami are cucurbits, crucifers, onions. It is not advisable to plant potatoes after Solanaceae.

Now we come to the very landing tubers.

With the help of special machines perform well. Then turn lay the tubers prepared in advance. You can put them askance at ten centimeter depth. Start planting can be in the middle of spring, when the weather is favorable.

Potatoes to land is chosen immediately after harvest. Planting the tubers should be of medium size. They can also be cut, if you plan on planting a large plot. Planting potatoes can be only in the presence of small industries.

“Prestige” is further processed potatoes preparation if desired. This prevents unwanted insect attack.

In March, the industry germinate, if it does not happen, you need to additionally heat the “seeds”. After all, only sprouting potatoes suitable for landing. In addition to heat, moisture is needed.

When the potatoes, the soil is ready, you need to deal with vegetable planting dates. This is usually done when the ground warms up a bit (mid-late spring). Do not tighten it so as not to reduce the productivity of the culture.

Planting depth depends on the wells of natural areas. The warmer the climate, the more black. The distance between the “seed” should be about thirty centimeters.

Now that you know all the details of the planting of potatoes. Follow these simple rules to get rich harvest.

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