Honey red-eyed, description

Description red-eyed honey gerbil, characterization, description and a photo

Description red-eyed honey gerbil, characterization, description and a photo

Red-eyed honey gerbil – another kind of gerbil family Mouse. Rodents are characterized by their activity. Most gerbils are active in the morning, evening. The animals are not afraid of the presence of people who have the ability to adapt quickly, so when buying this animal should be no problems with it. The cage should be spacious, stir in a different toys that are necessary for gerbils waste energy property. Animals do not like being alone, so it is better to buy not just one but several gerbils. If the animal does not show interest in you, it is better to leave it for a while. On the other pets in gerbils is no conflict. Keep rodents from dogs, cats. But if small animal in a cage, do not worry.

Eating animals is mainly seeds, herbs, vegetables and grains. It is advisable to use the food for rodents, because there is all the necessary trace elements that contribute to the healthy growth of the animal.

Externally, gerbils resemble rats. To distinguish features are the size, the structure of the animal body. Honey red-eyed gerbils have uneven color: yellow back with orange hues, the abdominal part of the white, solid, upper tail of the train color. As the rest, the bottom of the tail – white. Ears are slightly pubescent, wool body is smooth, soft. Small mammal has a bright, long mustache, white, long legs, slightly elongated muzzle, small nose.

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