Mountain beaver, description

Description of mountain beaver beavers, character, habitat and photo

Description of mountain beaver beavers, character, habitat and photo

Mountain beaver (beaver mountain) – the only species of its family. The animal of small size (about thirty centimeters), with a short tail, small black ears, short but warm coat. Color brownish-gray, paws resemble rats, elongated muzzle, small black eyes, long antennae – the main features of mountain beaver.

This breed lives of beavers in North America. Animals prefer coastal areas. It is also often live in forests, bushes, overgrown rocks. Beavers often climb into the mountains. They prefer to settle in burrows that are digging. Mountain beaver is considered a clever animal, as its refuge consists of many labyrinths, tunnels. Also, the rodent is able to swim great. Even worth refuge under water.

Winter mountain beaver does not live underground. She was quite a hole, she pulls out a layer of snow. These animals are not afraid of the cold.

The food beavers are not choosy. They feed on different plants. The animal is very thrifty. Scientists have noticed that the mountain beaver blows a lot of food, you can not finish in its burrow. Sluggish grass small animal does not eat. He constantly ponovlyaet their holdings. In winter, it feeds on the bark, branches. In the fall of rodents collected a lot of grass, which not only consumed as food. Non edible plant are dried in the sun, then carpet the bottom of the hole.

In the gardens, plantations mountain beaver is considered to be a threat, as gnaws twigs, stalks of plants. But in the forests of chasing they benefit, freeing up space for other animals.

Communicate beaver sounds, gestures. Often, they emit a nasty sound, howl, click the jaws. Animal behavior is moderated. Food brings into the hole in the cheeks or holding. Also loves water. Constantly looking for the sources of the river. When the sun goes down, the animal feels better. Apparently, not tolerate heat.

Surprisingly, it was the last month of winter the rodents begin to multiply. The female bears cubs approximately thirty days. A litter of four cubs from litter. Maybe less. It depends on the weather conditions. They are born small mountain beaver pubescent, almost can not see. They grow quickly. Fully adult beaver becomes two years after birth.

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