Squirrel common description

Description of common protein characterization and photo

Description of common protein characterization and photo

You’ve seen squirrels in the woods or park. The body length of about thirty centimeters, dvadtsatisantimetrovy fluffy tail, a dark red color. Colour squirrels can vary from region to region, the weather conditions, the age of the animal. Often, there are rodents tufts of hair near the ears (they are called brushes). Every six months, the animal’s body is updated woolen cover, tail sheds every twelve months.

Feeding squirrels varied. In general, they prefer the acorns, nuts, fruit. Also, eat different seeds, grass and insects.
Animal enough still active. It can run on the ground, but mostly living on trees. Proteins have an amazing ability: they can jump from tree to tree, even the fir between long distance. The animals deftly grasping at tree branches, almost never fall.

squirrels nests have a spherical shape. Placed such homes in the trunks of trees, between the branches. Bottom shelter rodents littered with hay, dried grass.
The female gives offspring twice a year. Protein hatched children for forty days. On average, a baby born with three broods. Newborns Belchatow bald, bad seeing. For two months, my mother-squirrel is not moving away from the children. They feed exclusively on breast milk. Newborn squirrels are sensitive to cold, so the female wrapped them in dried grass. A year later, squirrels become completely independent.

Myths about proteins.

The first myth, in which you believe so, concerns habitats protein. Not all rodents live on the tops of firs, pines. Some squirrels prefer to live in the land, building their shelters low. This is the case of exotic breeds. They do not feed on nuts and fruit trees, various herbs, insects, even birds eggs.

Common squirrel is not afraid of people. The last time they settled in the gardens, on the territory of educational institutions.

Another type of protein resides in the territory of Europe. This Persian protein. They took the breed in Great Britain. Later she was brought here, where settled down well. Rodents of this breed often harm people, destroying the fruit.

Often these animals are bred for skins. The most popular – protein-Teleut. This species is known for its thick, warm fur. In some countries actively use squirrel meat.

Animals almost always make stocks for the winter. They cheeks tolerate nuts, seeds, acorns and more. If the year was not fruitful, then squirrels massively stockpiled food.

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