Brown spot tomatoes

Photos, description tomato diseases

Photos, description tomato diseases

Kladosporioz or brown spot – tomato disease infects the leaves, it do not often suffer from tomatoes. Very dangerous disease, when the fruits grow in greenhouses under the film. It begins to emerge during the flowering plants, and are actively progressing disease when the fruit ripens. Infection tomato seen on the bottom of the sheets, and then reaches the top of the fruit.

The earlier detected contamination, the more chances to save the future crop. Initial development of the brown spot can be seen on top of the sheet, which will be visible spots of different shapes of light green color. With the development of infection, these spots affect more sheets of tomatoes. Infection of plants can occupy the entire leaf or most of it. Changing the color and stains, it becomes a yellow-brown – a signal that the plant dies and dries in a short time.

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