The fight against Phytophthora on tomatoes

Tomato late blight disease than to treat

The disease of tomatoes (tomatoes), Phytophthora, photo, than to process tomatoes, how to defend, means and methods of treatment plants

The middle and the end of August is particularly generous in the cold, early dew. This phenomenon is bad for most vegetables, especially – for tomatoes. When the lower leaves of tomato covered with strange black spots (may brown), and stems adorned with long strokes, remember – infected tomato late blight.

The process of tomato phytophthora?

To protect tomatoes from disease, it is recommended to immediately start processing plants (even if it is in the greenhouse or greenhouse)! For spraying use a 1% Bordeaux fluid (not more than 100 grams per 10 liters of water) or you can buy the drug Topaz (it is desirable to ultimately follow the instructions on the package). For greater efficiency of our preparation is necessary to add about 50 grams of ordinary laundry soap.

When you too late to pay attention and have missed a lot of time after infection, it is best just to collect all the fruit, even if they are still quite green. For disinfection tomato vegetable dip collected for 2-3 minutes in a container of water heated to 60 degrees. Also, a good alternative is a solution of potassium permanganate, which effectively cleans all the fruits. Do not worry about the green fruit, they are perfectly ripen even after you have broken them. Just put in a warm and, preferably, dry place.

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