Kladosporioz tomato diseases

Kladosporioz tomatoes / tomato, photo and description

Kladosporioz tomatoes / tomato, photo and description

Kladosporioz – stimulus fungus Cladosporium fulvum Cooke. You can see the yellow leaves of tomato, they are covered with yellow spots. During the growth of the virus spreads from tomato plants infected normal, using a rather fine particles – conidia, they grow at a humidity of 95% and higher at ambient temperature 6, 34, 28, 25, these degrees are considered the most positive for fungi. Sudden temperature changes give them the opportunity to actively proliferate.

Large levels of humidity and air temperature has beneficial effect on the brown spot on tomatoes. All these factors provide an active and widespread disease. At 70% moisture content and less slowing its growth. Irritants disease tomatoes sufficiently adapted and maintained their livelihoods 10 months.

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