Basil, the cultivation of seeds in an open ground

Proper cultivation of basil seeds in open ground or on a window sill at home

Proper cultivation of basil seeds in open ground or on a window sill at home

In early April, in boxes of basil seeds, grow seedlings. The selected container to the bottom, lay a drainage mat, using for this purpose small pieces of bricks or ordinary pebbles.

The seeds of basil oil are that they are not allowed to germinate. Gardeners seeds are soaked in running water, for about 2-3 hours. At this time, create grooves in the soil, to a depth of 0.5-1 cm, and the distance between rows make 4 cm. Lowered soaked seeds in soil abundantly watered and covered with glass top. The earth keeps the temperature of 24 °C, and seedlings appear within five days. And before that, once a day for 10 minutes, you should ventilate the seedlings, soil and moisten the surface of the glass was removed by evaporation.

When the basil let on leaves, they are seated at a distance of 5 cm from each other. After appearing on each stalk of five leaves, pinch off the top of the plant, so it does not grow in height and became thick due to the leaves. A few days before planting seedlings in open ground basil, box bring to the open air, at first in a small period of time, gradually increasing. And in the month of May to land basil, this form pits depth of 8-10 cm, and between the bushes retreat 40 cm.

In the fall of the plant can be transplanted into pots and continue growing in the winter on the windowsill. Providing themselves and their households fragrant, useful herbs.

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