Fertilizers for oilseed rape

The best fertilizer for canola, description, characteristics

The best fertilizer for canola, description, characteristics

On average, the use of nutritional components of winter rapeseed somewhere 60-75%. Phosphorus and potassium are added as a fertilizer for canola in the ground for the main processing nitrogen – as a top dressing during the buds ripening. To one ton of ripe seeds, rape draws from the soil nitrogen 45-80 kg, 18-40 kg phosphorus, potassium 25-100 kg, 30-135 kg of calcium, magnesium 5-15 kg and 30 kg of sulfur. Impressive huh? And that’s not even to mention the fact that he needs calcium, magnesium, boron, manganese. Providing all the necessary plants affects the yields, frost and security of their illnesses. Of all the trace elements, the special role of the rape has boron, namely its impact on the availability of successful exchange of plant saccharides, necessary for connection of nucleic acids.

Today in Ukraine and Russia officially exist dressing containing boron, among their number, it recognized number 1 in the world fertilizer called “Solyubor DF”, it perfectly enhances the yield and impact positively on the seeds of oilseed rape in the tank solutions, the new fertilizer varieties, which include correct combined micronutrients. Farmers from Poland held experience in the areas sown with rape used such drugs as “Solyubor DF”, which, as mentioned earlier, contains in its composition forest, “Adob Bor”, “Basfoliar 36 Extras”, “Basfoliar 06/04/12 + S ». Autumn after use, greatly improved necessary quantity relevant plant materials, particularly in the roots, where they are needed the best conditions to grow spring.

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