Planting in open ground squash, care

Planting in open ground squash, care, description and a photo

Planting in open ground squash, care, description and a photo

All are aware of the beneficial properties of zucchini. These vegetables their benefit, uniqueness won the love of many housewives. Growing zucchini – it’s not difficult, but now we’ll show you how to increase their productivity.

Now we look at how to properly plant the crop. As with other plants, you need to prepare the soil. Digging up the soil before winter, and later, in April, clean it of weeds, after twenty days again dug up the soil with the addition of fertilization (manure bucket / square meter). You can use the fertilizer. Good predmestnikami zucchini find radishes, potatoes, onions, garlic, radishes, various herbs.

Before planting seeds in the soil, soak them in warm water overnight, then wrap in a damp cloth for 48 hours. Planted seeds in the earth warmed by the sun (in late May).

The holes (depth of 6 cm) throw on 4-7 seed. The distance in the row between them should be about 80 centimeters.

When the zucchini leaves begin to form, you need to loosen the soil, to clean it of weeds, fertilize, water the plants. Perform irrigation evening before sunset.

Here came the long-awaited moment – the harvest!
Collect zucchini when they reach about 20 centimeters.
I save the vegetables in the refrigerator for a week, eat – immature.

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