Reproduction of dahlia tubers, description

Reproduction of dahlia tubers, planting, care, description and a photo

Reproduction of dahlia tubers, planting, care, description and a photo

Dahlias – large perennials with bulk flowers that its elegance, beauty can brighten any flower bed. Now we know how to reproduce these colors.

Breeding is carried out by dividing dahlia bulbs, cuttings and, of course, planting seeds. Although some way to choose, blooming dahlia can see already in the year of sowing.

The most effective is the division of the bulbs. This method is the easiest. Start dahlias seat is after the end of spring. Try to complete this process before the beginning of May.

How to multiply the dahlias.
Before planting the bulbs, store in a warm place, a little sprinkle of ground peat, lightly spray of potassium permanganate solution. After these procedures, be sure to endure the tubers in the sun (the temperature should not be below 19 degrees). Twenty days can see a noticeable change in the bulbs. After 10 days, you can start butchering tubers.
Each bulb must be two or three buds. Stalks, cut the neck without damaging processes. More onion – more must be sprouting.

In any suitable container, pour the mixture of soil, sand, peat and manure in a ratio of 1: 1. Insert the bulbs to intensive water them with a solution of potassium permanganate. Next, place the container in a warm, bright place. For two to three weeks prior to the beginning of May take out pots s dahlias on the street, gradually increasing the duration of their stay in the air. In mid-May boldly plant flowers in the ground. Soon lovely plants will delight you for several years.