Soil treatment prior to planting corn

Preparation and processing of soil for sowing maize, description and a photo

Preparation and processing of soil for sowing maize, description and a photo

Soil tillage prior to planting corn necessary for the accumulation and preservation of soil moisture and weed control. The productivity of maize increases if the soil under it plowed deep into the summer-autumn period, as its root system is well developed on the ground loose, with lots of sand. If the fields are not perennial weeds, it is advisable to apply poluparovuyu processing soil with deep plowing a field in the summer-autumn period.

Plowing under crops of corn is best carried out in August, immediately after the grain harvest. This tillage increase grain yield up to 5 quintals per hectare. Early tillage except plowing should include as loosening and harrowing. After plowing, the field should be kept in a black pair regularly boronuya cultivating it at a shallow depth.

In the spring the soil is necessary as soon as possible zaboronovat, heavy harrows and align zakultivirovat. In front of the sowing desirable prikatkovat ringed rollers. It must be remembered that the weeding is required after shirokorjadnyj crops because otherwise poorly wrapped the remains of plants, which significantly affects the quality of plowing and thereby reducing the quality of the crop, which is highly undesirable in intensive technology of cultivation of maize. Field after plowing necessarily aligned.

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