Useful tips when watering cucumbers

Terms of cucumbers in the open ground watering, tips, descriptions and photos

Terms of cucumbers in the open ground watering, tips, descriptions and photos

With the advent of summer, the vegetables are gaining great popularity. Fresh, juicy fruit is not only saturate the body with vitamins, but also perfectly quench thirst. Cucumbers here occupy an honorable first place. But not every gardener can grow cucumbers big, juicy, and most importantly – not bitter. This is no big deal. It is only necessary to water them properly. Now we acquaint you with a little secret:

If you want to collect 0.2 tons of cucumbers with a weave, you will need approximately 6 cubic meters of water. Surprised? It turns out that during the formation of the fruit, leaves evaporate a lot of water, the root system is not deep, so moisture is not long delayed. Lack of water will not only reduce productivity ten times, the plant may simply dry up. If you’re thinking that the moisture cucumbers are better, you are deeply mistaken. Soil moisture should not exceed 80%. Let you not afraid of strange figures, we now look at how you need to water the cucumbers.

Most of all they love the water in hot weather. For greater efficiency, use of drip irrigation systems. It will be able to get about 240 kg of fruit to weave.

Does the soil before seeding watered?

Five days before laying the seeds into the soil, saturate it with moisture. It promotes active growth of the plants. If the ovary is not formed, watering cucumbers not desirable. If the soil became dry, allowed to carry out irrigation. It is important to make sure that the sprouts are not supercool.

When the fruits begin to form slowly, should be watering cucumbers once a week. Do not overdo it, otherwise the ovary shall fade.


  • Humidity should not exceed 75%. Otherwise cucumbers are sick.
  • If the air temperature exceeds 16 degrees, moisten the soil is not necessary.
  • Watering plants need evening before sunset.
  • The water temperature should become about 25 degrees.

Grow vegetables, listening to the helpful tips, then you will succeed.

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