Mimosa, cultivation and maintenance

Mimosa plant, care, cultivation, description and a photo

Mimosa plant, care, cultivation, description and a photo

Mimosa is a perennial plant, very refined and delicate, so it is grown only in the rooms. Plant height is 30 cm, the flowers are light pink, are lilac color. Mimosa leaves resemble ferns, and if to touch them, they will develop in the same hour, but after 30-60 minutes, if they no longer bother, it will take its usual form and leaves erectile. Another mimosa can serve as a great decoration as a residential premises, and winter gardens. At nightfall, mimosa puts their leaves, as if getting ready for bed.

Sowing the plant should start in March, April, the soil is added peat and sand in equal parts, all dug, watered and only then sow the seeds for seedlings covered with a glass top. The temperature must be 18-20 ° C not lower. Seedlings dive and then distributed into individual pots. When the plant will form roots, mimosa planted in a container larger and the bottom lay drainage. Mimosa is very heat-loving plant, and even direct sunlight do not harm her. Grooming plant except soil irrigation should be carried out spraying. In the spring and summer do not forget to feed the plant every two weeks. However, the room where it grows mimosa can not smoke, it is very sensitive to cigarette smoke, and immediately throws their leaves. In winter, the plant should be in a room with a temperature not lower than 13-16 ° C. Mimosa spring transplanted into larger pots. Flowering mimosa during the summer.

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