Indoor plants succulents, species

Succulents in the home, views, photo, name

Succulents in the home, views, photo, name

Many plants are succulents are forced to survive in very difficult weather conditions. The most beautiful and exotic are usually found in countries where there is high temperature, poor soil and little water. Under such conditions, live succulents – a group of plants that have adapted to living in harsh conditions.

Succulents survive thanks to special tissues that are in the stem and leaves and accumulate moisture. During the rainy season the plant collects water, and with the onset of the dry season begins to use its reserves.

It is to include succulents and cacti (Cactaceae), in addition to these thorny representatives can see other family: Crassulaceae, Agavaceae, Euphorbiaceae , Aizoaceae, Asclepiadaceae.

All kinds of family and combines the presence of a thick stem, leaves or thorns and of resistance to drought.

Succulent plants do not require a lot of attention, so they are very easy to grow indoors. The main thing is to provide a large amount of light.

Many plants are succulents long been accustomed to the apartment and the home, on our windowsills, just not all owners are aware of how to treat any old plant. All plants have a variety of form and color, the presence of flowers and leaves.

There are plants that can reach several meters in height and has small, fine. Some may bloom for a long time, while others wither very quickly but very effectively.

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