Lunar calendar for buying houseplants

A perfect day to buy potted plants, flowers, vases in the house. Lunar calendar and counselor

A perfect day to buy potted plants, flowers, vases in the house. Lunar calendar and counselor

People are always looking for a loyal and good friend who will not fail, will always find the right answer. Fans of ornamental plants assure you can find a friend, a faithful helper among the flora. Many believe the flower has a powerful energy, which protects its owner, even helping to find answers to important questions.

To really make the plant energy which will be in harmony with your need to take into account the individual nature of the plant. This will help popular science today – astrology. Experts from the industry claim that the plant is needed to fly the only prosperous days of the week. If you need peace and balance, you need to buy a flower on Monday, which is considered the patroness of the Moon. Buying a house will bring in peace and quiet, and its owner will help to cope with emotions. There will also be a good gift for a pregnant woman who needs the rest and balance.

In stark contrast is the moon of Mars, patron Tuesday. Main characteristics – speed, activity and confidence. The acquisition of the plant on Tuesday will be more confident to go forward to the goal and not lose heart. Pot would be the best assistant in man’s affairs, and will lead to success.

If you wish to discover their hidden talents, then buy a houseplant on Wednesday. Mercury is responsible for creativity, memory and eloquence. Such a plant can be placed in the office or on the table at home. The labor process will be doubly productive and faster.

Venus – the patron of the feminine, and her day – Friday. Flower will help emancipate women, and discover the passion of true feelings. Usually a family where grow flowers purchased on Friday, very strong, and the relationship in married couples.

Protection against diseases and bad effects of the plant acquired on Saturday, its patron – Saturn. Flower in the house to protect from negative energy and nonsense.

The sun – it is the biggest and warm the planet, it protects on Sunday. Ornamental plant acquired in this day will bring a lot of happiness, good luck and joy in the house, all to his master.

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