When the rabbit is deposited from the mother

Rabbits, when and at what age young is deposited from the mother rabbit

Rabbits, when and at what age young is deposited from the mother rabbit

Step jigging young rabbits from the mother is an important step in the life of a rabbit. If the animals are not properly fed and kept in poor conditions, after separation from the female rabbits can easily get sick with catarrhal diseases and complications from the gastrointestinal tract.

When to take away from the female rabbits? Unfortunately, not reached a unanimous opinion, which means that you need to consider the main points, for example, the provision of animal feed, cages and much more. Stage of lactation, if the rabbits do not mate and not to take young, it can take twelve weeks. But if you take into account the biological and domestic nuances wean animals it is recommended in the early stages. From 17 – 20 days crumbs eat vegetable and concentrated feed, as before, their only food – milk rabbit. With 24 days of age and older, the need rabbits milk drops by nearly half, and after 35 days, generally lowered to 5 – 8%. According to mathematical calculations easy to determine that since the 24 days already can be put out of the rabbit rabbits, their digestive system begins to function, but take the kids still did not start because of growing complexity. With abundant kindling during which the birth of rabbits will coincide with the lactation, the pairing is carried out on the day after the birth of rabbits and can be put out with 28 days. Ask why 28 minutes and not, say, the 30th or earlier? After weaning at day 2 or 3 appears droppings, these couple of days rabbit uses to gain new energy for the next offspring. After 28-30 days, rabbits can survive eating vegetable and nutritious foods. If the animals develop normally, they are absolutely healthy, their weight should be, the breed “White Giant” – 500 – 700 g, “Vienna blue”, “Soviet Chinchilla”, “silver” – 450 – 650 g, the “Soviet Marder” “river”, “white feather” – 350 – 550

For medium-sized litters, kids weaned at 35 – 40 day, rabbits can fertilize 10 – 20 days from the beginning of the appearance of the milk. After 35 days, with high-quality food, absolutely taken away rabbits are no different from those that are with their mother. Much easier to wean large rabbits.

The first few days it is better not to feed the rabbits too plentifully not to have suffered stomach disorders, a new portion of feed should be given only after the previous one.

Weaned rabbits or not, decide breeders, watching the state of the female. If rabbits bred in order to obtain the meat, then weaned at 45 days, and species of broiler – 60 – 70 days. For households, the best period otsazhivaniya rabbits – 45 days, this contributes to their quality growth, and then rabbits are suitable for slaughter in the 110 – 115 days.

Weaning of young rabbits is a major milestone in the life of young rabbits, and should carefully prepare for it. There are several ways of depositing. Simultaneous substraction all litter is separated rabbit and periodically return to the kids for a couple of days, and the last way is to start consuming larger individuals, as a couple of days, those that are weaker. The latter method is used with the rabbit, which have enough milk, then gradually begins to decrease lactation in females, and those individuals that the weaker will be able to fully eat the remaining milk. First rabbits, allowed to brood, and the rest – meat. Excommunicated kids, assess the condition and capabilities of each, preferably, individually weigh each, those that weigh less, are placed separately, so we can ensure that strong individuals do not infringe upon the feeble, bite, all the animals will be able to develop the same.

Weaning babies are divided by weight, sexual differences. The weakest members provide high-calorie food, as opposed to large. Withdraw rabbits for 3 – 7 goals in a single cell, the ideal option would be, if there will be representatives of the same family, if it is difficult to do, it is best to mix the rabbits in a foreign environment for all, then between them will not occur fights. Rabbits that are fighting, placed separately. Particularly attentive to the need to be young in the first month and a half after their absences from the mother, in this stage of the kids are growing up quickly, and change skins.

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