Damascus goat breed Shami

Beautiful breed goats Shami, photos, description, characterization and breeding for home detention

Beautiful breed goats Shami, photos, description, characterization and breeding for home detention

One of the most beautiful breeds in the world, and this is no exaggeration – Damascus breed Shami goats. The fact is that in their homeland, in Syria, this breed of goats are called – divinely beautiful. The history of the breed is quite large, even in ancient manuscripts described unusually beautiful appearance of goats and their productive qualities. Locals even have created a variety of fairy tales, songs and sayings of the goats. In fact, the breed is called Shami, the locals also use such names as Baladi or Aleppo. They really are beautiful, noble appearance, have a balanced character and high productive qualities. Well take root in other countries with a warm or cold climate. It has excellent indicators of milk, so Shami often used for crossing with other breeds to raise their level of milk yield. The majority of the horned breed, but today experts are working on a hornless variety. Another feature of purebred goats – is hanging ears, which can reach a length of 30 cm.

Breed treat severe type, the maximum weight that can dial Shami goats becomes 130 kg with height of 1 m, and the goats weigh 80-90 kg with an increase of 75-85 cm at the withers. Goats are born fairly large – 4-5 kg, and after 3-4 months their weight can reach 35 kg. In the breast milk of goats can add up to 300 g daily.

Shami Goats have a strong maternal instinct, so take good care of their young. For one lambing goats can lead one to four kids, but more often are born twins. Goats are found together with her mother, only the first two days, and then they are selected and placed in a separate room, where suckle artificially, and goats in the meantime start razdaivat. To carry out this process, you can manually, or you can use special equipment. The lactation period is 240-300 days, during which time Shami goat can produce more than 1000 liters of milk, a fat content of 4-4.5%.

Shami quickly mature and ready to breed before 1 year. Goats usually ripen to 9 months, and the goat for 8-9 months. Despite the fact that females are still quite small (weighing about 45 kg), but it can fully go their first kids. After 45 years after lambing goat is ready to mate again.

Shami – a breed which was pochote many years ago, as a fully provide the population with milk, meat and skin. If a goat to feed abundantly and monitor the conditions of detention, it is necessary to increase significantly. Nowadays, these goats have not lost their good qualities, and the new improved varieties Shami began to be created with the participation of scientists.

This purebred dairy Shami has eyes, almost white, and beautiful long hair, resembling a coat. Thanks goat wool positive feeling in the heat and cold. Unpretentious eating, Shami can subsist on any terrain. More and more farmers are interested in this breed, so Shami has acquired recognition in many countries of other continents. Yet the most important centers for growing Shami considered to Cyprus, Palestine, Israel and Syria.

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