How to cut and shape the crown of Japanese quince

The formation of the crown of Japanese quince.When there is a formation of a quince, we need to create a crown, thanks to its the tree starts properly covered with light. The main branches are placed along the trunk. The trunk of a tree with branches that are evenly placed on each side, are formed for 3-5 years. We measure at the one-year seedlings height of 50-60 cm from the soil surface,than we count 7-8 germs and make a cutting off, in this way we form the crown.The first line of the quince are 4-5 branches, we leave their through the kidney at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. Then we form a second line of branches which grow in 30-40 cm and they grow from the main main trunk at an angle of 45 degrees.

We begin the cutting of the quinces when the tree is two years old. We should short the lower branches up to 50-60 cm, also we do this with the other branches of the same line, and the main conductor is placed on 20-25 cm above the other branches.The formation of the leafage will be end by the third year, then the plant gives the fruit.

We should cut off in moderation the young growing tree which gives excellent harvest.During this period, we thin the quince out, cut branches that intertwine and rub each other, and begin to grow in the middle of the leafage. The thinning improves the lighting of branches. Basically, the fruits ripen in the upper part of the branches having a length of 50 cm or more, and the kidneys of the lower part of tree sleep, what makes the fall of leaves in the this area. So that to avoid the loss,we cut the shoots of more than one year by 1/3 or 1/4 of their length. During the active harvest, the quince is greatly weakened, and grow slowly. You should cut the branches up to 1 cm in diameter and thus restore the development.

When the quince is aging, its growth is significantly reduced, and as a consequence there appear the volchkov shoots. You should to cut old trees, based on the particular situation of each tree.