Shrubby cinquefoil, a description of

In the Northern Hemisphere with a moderate climate prevalent view cinquefoil (patentilly). It counted about 300 species. There are both annual and perennial shrubs with beautiful feathery leaves. Blossoms usually from the middle of May until the beginning of September, with yellow, pink or purple flowers.

Description and shrubby cinquefoil Care, photo

Description and shrubby cinquefoil Care, photo

It has decorative properties and refers to the long-term species. White bloodroot a height not exceeding 25 cm, flowering takes place in May and the end of August. Bloodroot with dark red flowers grow up to 60 cm, flowering from early summer, still found the black-double flowers. Hybrids are designed specifically for the garden have a two-ton coloring shrub grows no less than 30 and not more than 90 cm, flowering from June to September.

Of course, the plant loves the sun, some species can be dismissed only for good, sunny weather. The soil should be chosen light, loamy or sandy loam. Frost appearance. Plant grows fast enough in this regard, every few years, it is worth seat.

It is easiest to reproduce by dividing the bushes, but you can again use the cuttings. There may be sick, then the leaves become yellowish and spot, called disease – rust. Various types allows you to choose a design for any garden.