Dangerous pests and diseases mint

List of common diseases and pests of peppermintPests also have mint – known to all aphids and flea mint. By themselves, they are small but cause significant harm to plants.

Find pests is not difficult, each of them leaving traces. In fleas – are round holes, aphids also shrouded in leaves of weak plants. Fighting pests is not difficult to be treated with infusions of: hot pepper, garlic, onion, etc.

When plants are ill, on leaves circular spots appear yellow-orange color, which indicates that the plant is struck fungus called rust. There is another disease, powdery Rossa, it looks like a white coating. When the plant covers one kind of disease, the leaves quickly grow old and disappear. There is a solution – you need to quickly collect all the leaves and burn them, because they retain the infection can thus infect “neighbors”. To prevent the fall dig site in a minimum depth of 35 cm.

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