Chinese cabbage, planting and care

Description planting Photo Chinese cabbage in the open ground at home

Description planting Photo Chinese cabbage in the open ground at home

The productivity of Chinese cabbage depends on the place of its planting. The soil should be moist, fertile. Also it is necessary to saturate the ground with useful microelements. For this ideal manure (two hundred and fifty kilograms), ammonia saltpeter (two and a half kilograms), potassium salt (three kilograms), superphosphate (four kilograms). All this is designed for one hundred square meters. This cabbage variety can be grown in two ways:

  • Transplant seedlings
  • Sowing the seeds in open ground

Now take a look at the first option cabbage planting. Prepare pots chёrnozemom and mineral supplements. Plant seeds without pretreatment. The pots make small holes, put seeds, wrap the ground pour. Planting seeds is preferably carried out in early June and transplanting – the formation of 3 layers. Vintage receive early in the summer.

Planted seedlings in the ground with a thirty centimeter spacing between rows leave half a meter.

If you want to get a crop in the late summer early autumn, you can do without seedlings. In this case, the landing of the seeds in the soil is carried out in early July.

With sowing acquainted. Now we look at how to care for cabbage.

When the plant begins to grow, prepare for a variety of jobs with it. Periodically clean the soil from weeds and loosens it, because it contributes to the passage of oxygen to the roots, which is so necessary to this culture. Daily watering cabbage, if the weather is dry.


  • When sowing seeds of cabbage landing way, you need time to thin it. Otherwise, the roots will grow, damaging other plants. This procedure was carried out twice. The first time the distance between plants increased up to ten centimeters, the second (ten days later) – to thirty centimeters.
  • Cabbage harvest time depends on your goals. If you grow it on salad, harvest when the leaves reach nine centimeters. Wait until the ripening of the vegetable, if you want to get a cabbage. With proper care, it will be able to collect about three hundred kilograms of this culture with one hundred square meters.
  • During the growth, your plant can suffer from pests. The most common vegetable cabbage fly spoils. Move your land from the stem to the insect not lay eggs. On the other, is not a welcome guest, use a mixture of tobacco ash and wood ash.

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