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Cages for rabbits at home with their own hands, cages for rabbits, tips and photos

Cages for rabbits at home with their own hands, cages for rabbits, tips and photos

Optionally, the cells acquire ready-made to contain in them the rabbits, the breeder can make their own, using the materials at hand. Moreover, the fashion for «hand made» is becoming more popular. With the drawing can easily make the cell of any format. If the design of the finished cells breeder can adjust to their standards, and the place where they will be, the only thing that does not change, this breed animal, respectively, pushing the above, should choose the size and appearance of the future “house” because that is what will affect the quality breeding.

So, what are cells? Depending on the material of which are manufactured, are distinguished: wood, adobe and brick. Mainly for plywood cells take available and generally any material, they often lie around in barns, and can serve as a good cause. Cages should be spacious for animals, conveniently serve the food, clean the cells are placed on wooden backwaters, dug into the ground height of 0.8 m should be the size of cells:. Length – 80 – 130 cm, width – 60 – 70 cm, height – 40 – 60 cm, it is possible to keep the rabbit to children, or 6 – 8 rabbits aged 90 days, or one male.

To keep a couple of males, cell build circular, a diameter of about 70 -. 75 cm and a height of 40 cm The young rabbit is better to keep in groups, cell size depends on the number of animals, the most optimal size should be the length of 170 cm, width 70 cm and height 35 – 60 cm. In a single cell placed rabbits of the same sex, age, with the same character and almost the same weight. Do not forget about the flooring, to the cell was clean, and it was convenient to remove it.

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