Planting garlic, outdoor

Photos, description and cultivation technology of planting garlic in the open field

Photos, description and cultivation technology of planting garlic in the open field

Did you know that garlic increases the productivity, if you put it in the fall? All due to the fact that the plant is tempered in the cold, which later increases productivity, root growing faster. After hardening of winter root system of plants is strengthened, that promotes healthy growth of the culture.

Of course, garlic planting in the spring does not guarantee good yields, long-term storage. Try to have time to plant in the winter.

The assembly of the “winter” of garlic carried out in mid-spring, “spring” – the beginning of autumn.

In this article, we’ll show you why it is important to plant garlic in the fall.

Garlic is planted in the middle of autumn. This process can take up to the beginning of winter. The plant is not demanding to predecessors, so feel free to put him after other crops.

As with other plants, it is necessary to prepare the ground in advance. Fertilize the soil for 20-30 days before planting manure (fresh use is not desirable), dig a shovel territory. Prepared garlic cloves lay out in a checkerboard pattern in the ground (do not press so as not to damage the roots), and later pour compost.

It is believed that the more clove – the greater the depth of the wells. On average, pits are dug at a depth of five centimeters. In heavy soils, increase the depth of the wells by three centimeters.

  • Planting garlic is allowed to be carried out when the air temperature will sway between +1 and -4 degrees. Otherwise, the plant will not survive.
  • If you do not have time to plant garlic in the fall, spend the spring crops. How to do this, see below.
  • Two weeks later, when the snow melts, manure fertilize the selected area, then dig it. Loosen the soil with a rake.
  • After preparation of the shallow wells (five centimeters), place chesnochiny with ten centimeter distance down the root of them.
  • During growth of the culture, periodically puncture, fertilize the land. In dry weather, water plants.

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