Boletus mushrooms, photo and description

How does the fungus greasers - photos

How does the fungus greasers – photos

Oil there are more than 45 species, it is found particularly in the pine forests and forests where a lot of leaves. Surprisingly, but the fact that “our” mushroom can be found in Australia and even Africa, but where a temperate climate. Because of its oily mushroom caps and got its name. Greasers refers to the form of tubular. Another family include white mushroom, Berezovik, osinovik, the flywheel and Kozlyak. Recognize nipples can be due to the ring-shaped remnants of a white curtain.

Local mushroom known more common autumn or greasers. Get to know him on a spherical cap with a small mound in the center. He has a chocolate color, but there are more boletus brown shade, and even olive.

Clean the mushroom quite simply, the skin is removed without any effort, and itself “inside” is very juicy and tender yellow hues.

Butter mushrooms can reach 12 cm in height and 4.3 cm in diameter. The young stipe connected with a hat white film after film growth is broken, forming the lower ring. If the fungus overripe, his leg gets dark.

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