Garden house of bricks with their hands

How to build a summer house in the garden, photo

How to build a summer house in the garden, photo

Why are often built brick houses? The answer is simple – to build a house of bricks can be sure that such a “dwelling” will last for many years and will no doubt be strong. Even among gardeners build such a house is very popular.

In fact, brick – old material made it of several types of clay are also included in the composition of the sand and ash from wood sawdust. Strength brick achieve roasting method steam treatment and thus, it becomes close in the structure of the stone. Brick house will cost a bit more expensive than, for example, wood. But without a doubt, the result worth it.

Mainly in the construction of brick houses – the foundation, it must be strong to withstand the load. If the foundation is not strong enough, the house can over the years to start to sink into the ground.

You need to know how to choose the correct bricks. After all, it is divided into several types: for low-rise buildings will need (M75 or M100), for multi-storey (M125), and finally, the M150 is used for foundations. Marking the “M” stands for, what kind of load can cope with, and standing next to the number indicates the load on sq.m.

As is known, there are several kinds of brick – red and white. Red ceramic called because made of red clay and the usual firing process method. This type is used for foundations, walls, fireplaces and stoves. But do not build where it may come into contact with fire brick.

White brick called silicone, it is made from sand. This type of brick is not as durable as the red, its advantage is that it is soundproof and apply it better for partition walls, but can not be used for foundations.

There is another view – clinker bricks. For the production of refractory clay is used. It has exceptional strength and use it for garden paths.

But these kinds of manufacturing is not limited to, some ad hoc: Refractory (fireclay bricks), can withstand 800 degrees, acid-resistant, quartz and others. They are hollow, full-bodied, Porous and many others.

As we have said, brick houses are durable, but also more expensive. If you build a garden house, it is natural in its creation will participate architects and designers, interesting decisions will be taken. The main thing is to choose the right material and the goal will be successfully achieved.

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