Rooting cuttings of roses bouquet

Rooting cuttings of roses in a bouquet of potato at home, photos and instructions

Rooting cuttings of roses in a bouquet of potato at home, photos and instructions

Buy seedlings rose quite expensive, besides not always grow out of the seller bought the promised color grade. However, they can grow on their own, using the donated flowers.

When the roses in a vase wither, it is necessary to cut off the head, spines and shorten the stem from the bottom 3 cm. Then, split the stem by making a few cuts with a knife, and dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate. For future use seedlings middle or lower part of the shoot 5-6 mm thick. It should be two or three buds.

Rooting cuttings of roses better in a specially prepared ground, which are added to the sand and humus. Cuttings, submerged in the ground, must be covered with a plastic bottle. So Rose can be propagated throughout the garden season. If we apply this method in the autumn, rooted cuttings can be left in the garden for the winter. In November, they should be filled with sawdust, so as not to freeze. In the summer, young plants will give the first buds. But the roses should be cut, so that all the juices went on the formation of strong shoots.

You can stick the cutting into the potato tuber from which to delete all pre-eyes, then to not shoot, and buried in the ground. Tuber cuttings taken from nutrients for further formation and development. Importantly, do not forget to water regularly.

Please note, the traditional way of rooting roses in a pot with water is not always successful, and does not always provide the right to grow a rose from cuttings.

Several proven secrets to help you rooting:

  • In one capacity is better to implant a small number of cuttings. For example, honeysuckle will not allow the roots, if a 200-gram container will be more like three cuttings.
  • The opaque dishes rooted cuttings to form better.
  • Make sure that the bank did not have too much water, or at the bottom of the container will not be enough oxygen and die cuttings.
  • As water evaporates from the tank refill water is better, but not replaced.
  • Often grafting is chosen long shoots. However, the lower to the ground is cut for stem cuttings, the faster and better it takes root. This is especially true of roses.
  • The older the plant, from which the graft is taken, the worse it is taking root. It is best to take root cuttings from young lateral branches.